Remanufacturing Services

DTH Bit Remanufacturing

Down-The-Hole button bits are designed to cope with a variety of different drilling conditions. The cutting or rock fracturing comes from the special grade tungsten carbide buttons that are in the face of the bit. Drilling in hard rock is very abrasive, and these buttons will eventually wear down to a smaller size and in some instances crack or shear off. It is not cost effective to throw away a forging simply because some buttons are worn or broken, especially for larger diameter bits. In the past, contractors were able to resharpen tungsten carbide buttons on site only if they were unbroken. Pneumec’s remanufacturing process replaces even the most shattered tungsten carbide buttons cost effectively,  greatly  extending bit life.

Remanufactured bits operate at no less efficiency than that of new ones, in some cases the depth drilled by remanufactured bits has been found to exceed that of new ones. Pneumec currently has the capability to remanufacture button bits ranging from diameter 165mm up to 1200mm.

Pneumec’s remanufacturing process can normally double the life of a drill bit. Experience has shown that drill bits can be remanufactured 2/3 times, providing that specific test criteria are met, therefore saving the need for new forgings. During customer consultations, Pneumec offers practical solutions to specific problems. Pneumec have successfully redesigned various face patterns that have given customers superior depth over the original face design. We are eager to customize solutions for our customers to ensure their needs are met.