Founded in 1992, PNEUMEC has grown from providing the bit remanufacturing services to the supply of a full range of the Down-the-hole products. Our team is committed to provide efficient and cost effective solutions to our global network of customers.

Utilizing our years of on-site knowledge and hands-on technical experience, we provide a full spectrum of DTH equipment with the most advanced and robust design for today’s market needs. Our range of first class facilities includes the latest CAD and CAM production methods. All machineries are equipped with CNC controlled units to ensure that our products are met with the highest consistency in quality. We shall continually invest in plant and machineries to ensure that our facilities can fulfill our production needs.

Our DTH products include the Thumper Series DTH Hammers, the PES eccentric under reaming systems, concentric types of under-reaming systems such as PCON and PCONE, PRING ring bit systems and a full range of DTH button bits from 90mm to 1200mm. Our services also extend to the re-servicing and remanufacturing of DTH button bits – much of which has created significant cost-saving solutions for our customers.

As well as providing remanufacturing services and our brand of DTH products, we also represent a variety of international brand and distribute their equipment and machineries to ensure that our product line is able to cater to the increasingly-demanding requirements of the water well, mining, quarry, thermo-drilling, foundation, and construction sectors. These include rotary and percussive drill rods, grout mixing plants and pumps, pneumatic packers, hammer splitters and a variety of chemicals for construction use.

From the bit remanufacturing services to the supply of a full range of Down-the-hole products, our team is eager to provide our customers with one-stop solutions. Our engineering team and staff are committed to maintaining the highest standards of quality control whilst growing hand-in-hand with the ever changing demands of today’s advanced technological innovations.